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chemical packaging

Custom Filling and Packaging

Let us serve you by delivering  Specialty Blending and Custom Packing. Examples would be filling one thousand 2 oz bottles of your custom formulated product used by your employees or customers.

Save the time and have your employees not have to repack and fill chemical containers used for customers or in-plant use.

We are one of the few companies in the country that offer heat transfer fluids in unlimited range of percentages, from 20% through 100%, and we can dye them the color of your choice.

We can provide you with custom packaging, custom manufacturing and can drop ship anywhere in the country. We at Chemical.net are proud that we offer the best in customer service.

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Research and Development

Allow us to assist in your efforts to stay out in front with new product development. We recognize everyone is under pressure to come out with new products to enable better products, with better performance. 

Allow us to sign a non disclosure agreement, and we can call on the right people with technical resources to assist your company with these goals.
For innovative product development we maintain direct access to technical personnel at key suppliers. We will create customized solutions and formulations to meet new regulatory requirement targets.
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