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Our Sister Companies

Our Sister Companies

Quaker City Chemicals

Quaker City Chemicals was an early adapter in the chemical industry’s migration to the internet. Quaker City Chemicals had been a leading supplier for thirty years when this internet migration took place.
We are a leading supplier of technical grade chemicals, high purity lab chemicals, and lab supplies, reagents, and organic and inorganic chemicals.
Our internal mission is “Creating Solutions.” Our specialty is our ability to accommodate your chemical needs, with any container size, with any particular chemical or mixture. Our focus is always the customer.

Bioclinical Laboratories serves our customers with high purity raw materials for pharma, personal care, and other industries which require extra pure or specific certified materials for specific applications with reagent chemicals, lab equipment, consumables, and buffers.

We also supply organic and performance chemicals depending on our customers’ needs. As is with our sister companies, our number one priority is our customer.

Bioclinical Laboratories

Bowmell Central Penn Chemical delivers production chemicals reflected in the  uses required by our customers in a more technical grade product area.
This includes generally serving more “smokestack” type of industries with pallets / skids, drums, totes or tank trucks of material.
We can provide the security of having an active second source. Drums, totes, skids, domestic or imported, we can have material sitting locally for your confidence in keeping your production lines running and your product shipping on time.

QC Lubricants

Founded in 2001, focusing on Commercial and Mil-spec lubricants for customers who require quick turn around, material in-stock, and/ or custom packaging.

Our well established network gives us the ability to source any type of material, and enables us to offer our customers the most competitive prices.

We offer:

Timely and accurate response to all inquiries
Certificate of conformance with each shipment
Certificate of analysis upon request
Blind shipments upon request
Quality products and service are our driving commitments.

QC Lubricants

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